Is this what it will be like Post Collapse?

Yesterday evening was eerie. Supermarkets, pharmacies and shops closed early and some boarded up, with confused and hungry people lingering outside, trying to figure out where they will be able to buy dinner from. Groups of youths running down the street. Private security contractors standing outside corporate properties. Reports from locals about fires and looting happening just down the road. Rumours that they are coming here next. No sight of the police.

We hunkered down. It is my plan for most any situation. Our cupboards are stocked well enough to ride out a night of unrest or an apocalypse of considerate length.

Three days of rioting in London could be considered a test run for the collapse. If you went hungry last night, maybe you should start thinking about storing more food and supplies in your home.

What I am finding most interesting from the riots is stories of communities banding together and protecting themselves in absence of the police. Near me, shop owners got together to protect their property and their neighbourhoods:

“We do not have any trust in the local police, our shops are next on the target list by the thugs who have ransacked Tottenham, we will protect our property”

Groups of Turkish/Kurdish shop owners were meeting on street corners in Green Lanes this morning planning what would be the best course of action if rioters were to target their shops. (via

The same thing happened in Dalston, where the community chased rioters away:
The Turkish community of Dalston are chasing away rioters.Wha... on Twitpic


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