Easy sprouting

Sprouts are cheap nutrition, and should be a staple in any frugal household. Dried beans, cereals and seeds can be bought in bulk and stored, then germinated and eaten as fresh produce. The sprouting process brings the plant to life, increasing fibre, protein, vitamins and essential fatty acids.

The trademarked sprouting jars, lids, Hessean bags, grow systems and specialised organic seeds marketed on infomercials and on the web are bullshit. They add a false barrier to entry to sprouting that can be intimidating if you don’t have $75 to waste on kit. In fact sprouting is easy, and if you haven’t done it before, here’s how to get started for less than $1.

An old jar – wash and use
Anything lying around that can act as a strainer – a kitchen sieve, pantyhose, a cloth, anything that will let water pass through while keeping the sprouts in.
Seeds – pick up some whole dry lentils, mung beans, chick peas, alfalfa or radish seeds from a local shop.

Cat with jars in kitchen

Step 1.
Soak overnight.

Step 2.
Rinse & strain the water out. Leave somewhere bright, but not in direct sunlight.

Step 3.
Rinse & strain twice a day for a few days until soft, edible and with a sprout growing a couple times longer than the bean.

Step 4.
Store in fridge. Rinse before eating. Use in salads, stir-fries or just eat.


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